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What Is This Collection?

The all new astro anime clothing line includes the very first drop in the collection as of March 2021 known as the Gods Of Anime 'The Great Battle' Graphic T-shirt. We are very excited to share this collection with you as we have always enjoyed Anime and Manga and more specific to this anime T-shirt we have always wondered who would win in a battle between the three Gods of anime which are Naruto, One piece and Dragon ball Z. We know that many anime fans will have misgivings about us not including Bleach but it is not that we don't enjoy bleach its just simply that these 3 anime hold more sentimental value for us. 

Gods Of Anime 'The Great Battle' Graphic Tee

The debate as to who would win in an all out battle between One Piece & Naruto characters has always been a heated topic with opposing views for both sides however here at Astro Customs we decided to make it a little more interesting by including all the best characters from Dragon ball Z/super to fight for both sides; involving characters such as Goku, Vegeta, Luffy, Naruto, Sasuke, Zoro and many more. This graphic tee depicts a 15 VS 15 battle so you can be sure that all your favourite characters are included. 

Who We Think Would Win This Battle:

Here at Astro Customs we believe that if you compare end of series Naruto Shippuden to the current One piece anime, the characters of Naruto would win this battle with the help of some of the dragon ball z characters as it is clear that Naruto and Sasuke alone are universal destruction type characters not to  mention characters like Madara and Hashirama. In comparison, One Piece characters like Luffy and Zoro are yet to reach such a stage and so would be a difficult battle for them. However you can be sure that characters like Kaido and Whitebeard coupled with the help of the dragon ball z characters would definitely give Naruto characters a run for their money. 

We Would Love To Hear From You!:

This is just our opinion but we would love to hear what all the anime fans have to say and spark up this debate for all the fans out there. So if you have an opinion on this we would love to hear from you by dropping a comment at the end of this blog post and be sure to leave your email!

Any of the most interesting theories will get a chance to feature on our blog and receive a free anime themed surprise gift! We're excited to see what you all have to say.

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