Demon Slayer Movie Mugen Train | Tanjiro X Rengoku

Following the amazing release of the new demon slayer film in the UK i'm sure everyone thats an anime fan would have watched it by now but if you haven't watched it yet i'm sorry but some spoilers are coming up. 

To start with, what an amazing introduction to the flame hashira Rengoku, with his outlandish attitude yet clear care for the underlings he was definitely the star of the movie from the beginning. One of the main things i loved about the movie was the graphics, it felt as though they really took it up a notch and gave us a real cinematic experience. 

I love how we got to see a bit more of a dive into Tanjiros father and the fire breathing technique known as The Hinokami Kagura. Of course we still know next to nothing about Tanjiros father and the fire breathing technique but still it was nice to know that eventually they will address it. 

Overall the film included numerous different breathing techniques and really showed off the difference in skill and power between Rengoku and the others. Not to mention that it seemed as though Rengoku was even faster that Zenitsu and his lighting breathing technique which is said to be the fastest technique only demonstrating how strong Rengoku really is. You can definitely tell that this film was more about Rengoku than Tanjiro just based off the fact that the final battle was between Rengoku and one of the 12 Kizuki. If you didn't cry or at least shed a little tear by the end of that final fight you must not have a heart, i don't want to ruin too much for people that haven't seen the film yet but if i have one complain about the series so far is that they didn't give enough screen time to a particular character. 

Also I don't know if it was just me but did anyone else wonder what the demon slayer characters attire would look like if they were in the modern era, i especially wondered this about Tanjiro which is why we at astro customs created and designed the new T-shirt that is available now. Combining modern style clothing with modern hand gestures but still trying to maintain that anime authenticity we created the Tanjiro Kamado T-shirt and we hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it. Taking over 20 hours to make we really put our all into this design. If you haven't watched the movie and call yourself a weeb then you'r clearly lacking and need to get up from that sofa and watch the film!

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