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MHA New News:

This week kicked off with some exciting news regarding the hit anime show My Hero Academia regarding the start of their new season and the release of their third movie of the franchise. If you are yet to see the new season please be advised that this blog post has some spoilers.

First Episode:

Having watched the first episode it is clear that Studio Bones has upped the quality of the anime with the graphics similar to how most current anime have done the same thing. In addition to the graphics you can be glad to know that they've continued to keep the opening episode as explosive as ever with features from all members of class 1-A as well as Dabi the villain. It is clear from the first episode that the 5th season of MHA is going to focus on the whole class of 1-A and explore in more detail the villain Dabi and whoever else he might be colluding with. The first episode begins with the continuation of the season 4 ending with endeavor and the nomu fighting but primarily focuses on a training exercise being carried out at UA with class 1-A. You can be sure that my favourite character in the series (Bakugo) hasn't changed at all. Still as angry and explosive as ever you catch him blowing everyone up in the exercise burning them to a crisp. I have a feeling this season is going to involve many fights and a lot more insight into some questions that fans will be having about one for all.

3rd Movie Information:

Following the release of the first episode, MHA also decided to release a teaser trailer to their third movie where it is revealed that Deku is on the run. In addition to this, it was also seen that characters have a new costume design looking very sleek and awesome. There was more information that was revealed in the trailer but i don't want to spoil too much for everyone but i definitely urge you all to watch the new trailer if you haven't already.

New Creations To Be Released Soon:

Watching the trailer i have decided that i'm going to make some new Nike Air Force 1s Custom based on the new costume designs that were shown in the new movie trailer which has me very excited to complete. So with all this exciting news i'm very ecstatic to begin designing and producing these new air force 1s which will roll out soon. Furthermore, i'm going to drop a new anime graphic T-shirt to be included in the anime collection. Thus, the new anime T-shirt will be in line with the best anime streetwear you could own similar to the Gods of anime Graphic T-shirt. If you have any ideas on what kind of MHA designs you'd like to see please feel free to drop a comment below!

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