One Piece Anime Episode 980-981 Recap

The land of wano arc has been making all the headlines with its animation quality recently but i wanted to take the time to really commemorate Oda in his constant ability to connect dots and make us as fans feel things that a lot of other anime or even non-animated Tv shows only dream of doing. 

In the last two weeks of One Piece we've just gotten reintroduced to a beloved character, Jimbei and so its only right we do a quick recap of the amazing introduction he has made into becoming a straw hat pirate.

We first met Jimbe in Impel Down where he followed Luffy to rescue Ace and even protected Luffy against Akainu and his deadly magma devil fruit. Saving Luffy he then parted ways with him where they later reunited at the fishman island arc which is when Luffy officially asked Jimbe to join his crew unbeknownst that Jimbe was part of the big mom pirates. It was only a matter of time before Luffy wound up in Big Moms territory where we once again met Jimbe in the whole cake arc when he saved Luffy and Nami. ( Jimbe has actually saved Luffy so many times now its crazy). I have to say one of my favourite moments from the whole cake arc is the moment when Jimbe quit the Big Mom pirates to join Luffy; exclaiming "I'm a man that wants to be part of the future pirate kings crew, i can't be intimated by a mere emperor of the sea!" That part literally sent chills through my body and made me so happy knowing Luffy was getting someone as cool as Jimbe to join the crew. 

Fast Forward to wano now and we see Luffy as per usual is in a pinch against another ship when true to his name Jimbe saved Luffy once again proclaiming he is now part of the crew as their helmsman. The last two episodes were really amazing to see Jimbe and Luffy together again as well as see after many years all the straw hats together again. This weeks episode ended showing each straw hat except the weak trio displaying their attack moves. It also showed how a ship can move through the water with an expert helmsman operating it which particularly interesting to watch as we've never seen a ship move the way Jimbe moves it.

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